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My photography journey started when I was 14 years-old. After spending four months with us, my cousin left behind her old camera, a Kodak 126 film Instamatic. I took the camera, bought the right film cartridge with those little disposable flash cubes, and took it on our school trip to Machu Picchu, Peru. I was delighted with the results. At that exact moment in time, photography became an integral part of me.

Little by little, I began to take courses and purchase more equipment, including a darkroom which I still own to this day.As an individual photographer, I consider myself a generalist because I love to tell stories by capturing all aspects of life, from wildlife to social and environmental issues affecting our world. 

I firmly believe that photography must do more than portraying visual information, it needs to tell a story. 

Today, taking pictures for me is a way of immortalizing our world, and of documenting our history. I see art in people, places, buildings, landscaping and architecture. I see the juxtaposition of all of those things and I freeze them in moments of time. Photography for me has been a way of learning to see and to appreciate beauty in many strange and exotic places.


Perla Copernik


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